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DUET    ***** Data Utilized Effectively Today *****

What is DUET? The simple answer is that it's a dynamic way to automatically create and refine meta-data and then store the actual data.

What if...?
      Business users, who have the best knowledge of what the data means, have direct control over data structure
      and IT, who create the best time saving processes, are able to use all their tools and skills?
      you'll easily work dramatically smarter and "bigger, better, faster" with unlimited changes!

USERS that have intimate knowledge of their data, can make quick and easy changes without IT or the DBA's!

PROGRAMMERS don't have to have intimate knowledge of the data and/or business rules. Applications can be easily written to allow users to leverage their business knowledge and stick to the coding.

DBA's can focus their efforts on maintenance of the databases instead of learning the intimate and complex business rules. Think of a car mechanic who in addition to maintaining the car, has to learn the details of the drivers habits. Sound crazy? That's what's DBA's do today and can drive a DBA crazy which results in unsatisfactory database maintenance and tons of hours.

Everybody Wins!
Owners get an amazing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), which is lowered by a very large magnitude. Users get to have thier data their way. Programmers have time to utilize all their skills and tools to present elegant solutions. DBA's can focus on making sure the databases run without problems.

Everybody really does win!