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My name is Michael Shields and I've worked with data for over 30 years in practically every conceivable method, from filing papers, to spreadsheets, to text files, to desktop databases, to small network databases, to large network databases, to worldwide ginormous databases. One thing I've learned is to change the structure is hard. If life never changed, products didn't advance, people were always the same one database scheme would always work. Thank God, things do change or we'd still be living in caves. So how do we easily change the way the data is stored when things change? Pay the developers lots of money to get something sorta close to what you want, but not really exactly. Now, with the Universal Database, things can change and we can easily change the structure that they are stored in to take advantage of each of the different ways to store things. How, you ask? Simple the "Universal Database." What's that? Read on or contact me.
This is a zip file of all 1,026 files found at http://www.charts.noaa.gov/PDFs/PDFs.shtml. I make no claims whatsoever to anybody anywhere at anytime as to quality, suitable, accuracy, or anything regarding this file. I am simply providing it free of charge to anyway anywhere and any and all resposibility lies with the end user. I am not responsible for anything about the file or it's contents. I'm simply a fellow boater attempting to do a favor to other fellow boaters. My intended use is to have this file available as a back up in case my Garmin GPS fails.
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